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Tiffany - daughter of Frankenstein

Artist Song Buy
The Beatles  I Want To Hold Your Hand   buy on itunes
Chad & Jeremy  A Summer Song   buy on itunes
Ben Harper  The Three Of Us   buy on itunes
Evan Dando & Juliana Hatfield  $1000 Wedding  buy on itunes
Otis Redding  That's How Strong My Love Is   buy on itunes
John Lennon  Woman   buy on itunes
The Replacements  Unsatisfied   buy on itunes
Wilco  Box Full Of Letters   buy on itunes
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers  Something In The Air   buy on itunes
The Magakoro Brothers  My Back Pages  buy on itunes
Liz Phair  Soap Star Joe   buy on itunes
Pixies  Where Is My Mind?   buy on itunes
Weezer (w/ Rachel Haden)  I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams  buy on itunes
Phish  Chalk Dust Torture (Live)   buy on itunes
Beck  The New Pollution   buy on itunes
Justin Timberlake  Cry Me A River   buy on itunes
Prince  Kiss  buy on itunes
Barenaked Ladies  It's All Been Done   buy on itunes
Ben Folds  Landed   buy on itunes
Elvis Costello  Brilliant Disguise  buy on itunes
Violent Femmes  Two People   buy on itunes
Willie Nelson  I Never Cared For You   buy on itunes
Johnny Cash  The Caretaker   buy on itunes


This was a Frankenstein Mix challenge that may be up for a swap if people get involved. Check out the forums or the blogs for details. Here's the notes
1. Song with Handclaps
2. Song with "sun" in title or reminds you of summer
3. Song w/o words
4. Cover you like better than original
5. Old song that you heard for 1st time this year
6. Song reminds you of 1st relationship (she had her parents "Double Fantasy" LP - we made out to it alot
7. 7th song (had to put it here too)
8. Best song from fav band's worst album (I like "AM" but it is Wilco's "worst album"
9. Beatlesque song (from Petty greatest hits)
10. Song from place where English is not 1st language or a language you don't speak (Japanese Dylan)
11. Song with your name in title (couldn't use Hey Joe - too obvious)
12. Song title = question?
13. A b-side
14. Live version better than studio version (Had to be Phish, right?)
15. Song from year you graduated high school - 1996 (Odelay is almost 10 years old!!!!)
16. Favorite song from genre/style you usually don't like (I love this song)
17. A sexy song (should have been Sexy "M.F'er", but had to be Prince)
18. Life is a TV show, this is your theme song or Fav TV theme ( I picked this because life alway's seems like its all been done)
19. Song from last album bought/downloaded
20.a song from the 1st AOTM trade (I love this song too)
21. song under 1 minute
22. Song from 1st or most recent artist you paid to see (I paid to see Willie last August- 1st paid to see would've been either Screaming Trees/Soul Asylum/Spin Doctors triple bill)
23. Song that makes you cry (I don't know if a song has ever made me cry but this one came close. To quote the song "Who's gonna cry when old John dies?" Heard it a few months after his death.

Cover is supposed to be first teen crush - mine was Tiffany


Date: 5/26/2005
I love just about every song / artist on this. that japanese my back pages is excellent (but the italian Rolling Stone off the same album is even better). Super mix!
Date: 5/27/2005
Outstanding mix, THANK YOU for getting it started.
Date: 5/28/2005
Yikes! My brain hurts! Quite a set of rules. But a very interesting outcome.
Date: 5/29/2005
Good job & great flow of songs (especially the last two tracks). I can't belieeeeve I didn't think of "Two People" for the < :60 track!
no borders
Date: 5/29/2005
Congrats for being first up! I'm very glad that the non-English track got included; I'm eager to see what people put in -- I really like the Dylan cover + have used it myself (but it won't be in my Frankenstein mix now).

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