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8 Years in Reverse: 1965-1972

Artist Song Buy
MC 5  Kick Out the Jams/Empty Heart (US, 1972)  buy on itunes
T. Rex  Buick McKane (Britain, 1972)  buy on itunes
Dug Dugs  Lost in My World (Mexico, 1971)  buy on itunes
The Doors  WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat) (US, 1970)  buy on itunes
Leon Russell  Shootout on the Plantation (US, 1970)  buy on itunes
Canned Heat  That's Alright, Baby (US, 1970)  buy on itunes
King Crimson  Cat Food (Britain, 1970)  buy on itunes
Wet Paint  Glass Road (US, 1970)  buy on itunes
Led Zeppelin  Bring it on Home (Britain, 1969)  buy on itunes
Spirit  Fresh Garbage (US, 1968)  buy on itunes
The Misty Wizards  It's Love (US, 1967)  buy on itunes
Van Morrison  T.B. Sheets (N. Ireland, 1967)  buy on itunes
The Pogs  Pogs Theme (Australia, 1967)  buy on itunes
Cream  Swlabr (Britain, 1967)  buy on itunes
Id  The Rake (US, 1967)  buy on itunes
Steve & the Board  I Call My Woman Hinges (Australia, 1966)  buy on itunes
The Monks  Monk Time (US/Germany, 1966)  buy on itunes
The Continental Co-ets  Live for the Present (US, 1966)  buy on itunes
The Sonics  Witch (US, 1966)  buy on itunes
Toni McCann  No (Australia, 1966)  buy on itunes
Bob Dylan  Subterranean Homesick Blues (US, 1965)  buy on itunes


I was finally organizing my collection and was really enjoying this era, so here it is for your enjoyment -- in reverse chronological order. Some of the usual suspects, some wild obscurities; psychedelia from Mexico, Garage punk from Australia, and Led Zep bringin' it on home.


Black Rose
Date: 6/17/2005
Awsome. This is my favorite era of music also. Gotta love that Zep tune. It was even better in concert. Kepp up the good work.
Date: 6/17/2005
One of my all time favorite eras also!
Date: 6/17/2005
Yes! Good choices.
Dead Heaven
Date: 6/17/2005
Nice. I like the cover design too!

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