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so it's friday night down on north avenue

Artist Song Buy
the fiery furnaces  straight street   buy on itunes
bloc party  banquet   buy on itunes
of montreal  old people in the cemetery  buy on itunes
ben folds  not the same   buy on itunes
ted leo and the pharmacists  me and mia  buy on itunes
ugly casanova  spilled milk factory   buy on itunes
earlimart  unintentional tape manipulations   buy on itunes
animal collective  leaf house   buy on itunes
iron & wine  free until they cut me down   buy on itunes
the unicorns  i was born a unicorn  buy on itunes
tilly and the wall  nights of the living dead   buy on itunes
the arcade fire  rebellion (lies)  buy on itunes
sufjan stevens  say yes! to michigan!  buy on itunes
jump, little children  secrets  buy on itunes
tv on the radio  staring at the sun   buy on itunes
built to spill  you were right   buy on itunes
the mars volta  cicatriz esp   buy on itunes


this mix is my freshmen year at college. i discovered all these wonderful bands thanks to new friends, great concerts, and awesomely fun nights. i wouldn't trade anything in the world for this past year, it seemed like every night i listened to at least one of these songs. the title is from the tilly and the wall track "nights of the living dead" which highlights even more of my freshmen year at georgia state university while mentioning north avenue, which is where i just so happend to reside while making all these music memories.


Date: 9/20/2005
the thing i probably miss most about not being in school is not being able to tap into the vibrant music pool to discover stuff. a couple of friends set up an indie music radio show this year and i've been introduced to a few of the tracks you have listed here thru them.

would you be interested in arranging a trade ?

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