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CD | Mixed Genre
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the Tea-Tea-Sea

Artist Song Buy
Sientific American  The Flower Sermon  buy on itunes
Solvent  That Will Be $0.49  buy on itunes
Le Car  Concept Car  buy on itunes
Sweet Trip  Jelly Charm  buy on itunes
Christian Kleine  Bitter Things  buy on itunes
4 Hero  Planeteria  buy on itunes
Sea & Cake  Rinky-Dink OS Type Rip  buy on itunes
French Paddleboat  Sett and Type  buy on itunes
E-Vax  Glacier  buy on itunes
Gavin Bryars  Raising the Titanic Edit (Aphex Twin Mix)  buy on itunes
Matmos  Sun On 5 at 152  buy on itunes
Global Communication  Le Soleil et la Mer  buy on itunes
Arovane  Amine  buy on itunes


the public transportation system here is great and i often take its efficiency for granted. this mix is a homage to the mighty toronto transit commission. the unofficial soundtrack to subway rides.


Date: 2/7/2001
Super mix. I like how songs # 7&8, 9&10, and 11&12 have title similarities. Was that intentional?
Date: 2/7/2001
as much as i'd like to say that it was part of a huge masterplan, no - it was unintentional. but thank you for noticing.
Date: 3/14/2002
hey... your mixes are all rockin-sockin good. email if yr intrested in a trade. (if yr still around).

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