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Well, can you or can't you?

Artist Song Buy
The Pet Shop Boys  Can you forgive her?  buy on itunes
Ferenc  Yes sir, I can hardcore  buy on itunes
Recloose  Can't take it (Herbert's Some Dumb Dub)  buy on itunes
Diana Krall  They can't take that away from me   buy on itunes
Lyle Lovett  You can't resist it   buy on itunes
The Beatles  We can work it out   buy on itunes
Public Enemy  Can't truss it   buy on itunes
No Doubt  You can do it   buy on itunes
Sheryl Crow  We do what we can   buy on itunes
The Bee Gees  If I can't have you  buy on itunes
Janet Jackson  You can be mine   buy on itunes
The Mighty Blue Kings  I can't stop it  buy on itunes
Ray Charles  I can't stop loving you   buy on itunes
Bjork  I can't help loving that man  buy on itunes
Elvis Presley  Can't help falling in love   buy on itunes
Lyle Lovett  I can't love you anymore   buy on itunes
Sheryl Crow  Can't cry anymore   buy on itunes
Chet Baker & Art Pepper  I can't give you anything but love  buy on itunes
Paul Simon  Can't run but   buy on itunes
Information Society  Can't slow down  buy on itunes
Eruption  I can't stand the rain   buy on itunes
Midnight Oil  Who can stand in the way   buy on itunes
The Police  Can't stand losing you   buy on itunes
k.d.lang & Tony Bennett  You can't lose a broken heart  buy on itunes
The Real Tuesday Weld  Heaven can't wait   buy on itunes
Talking Heads  Memories can't wait   buy on itunes
Mississippi John Hurt  Can't be satisfied  buy on itunes
The Rolling Stones  (I can't get no) Satisfaction   buy on itunes
The Rolling Stones  You can't always get what you want   buy on itunes
Outback  What can I say?  buy on itunes


At the request of deja_vu_all_over_again, here is the cans-and-can'ts follow up.

And I broke Rob Gordon's rule about repeating artists.

And I love the transition from "I can't stop it" to "I can't stop loving you": when the big Ray Charles back-up chorus comes in, it is so great. So.

Also did not shy away from instrumentals, even though that meant there was no saying of the keywords in the lyrics.


joey de vivre
Date: 1/10/2006
Can't stop the music!

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