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Playlist | Alternative - College Rock

Nobody makes mix tapes anymore.

Artist Song Buy
Alkaline Trio  Every Thug Needs a Lady   buy on itunes
The Ataris  Takeoffs and Landings   buy on itunes
Slo Poke  She Doesn't Have to be Punk  buy on itunes
P.T.'s Revenge  BMX Plus   buy on itunes
Husker Du  Could You Be the One?  buy on itunes
Travis  Sing   buy on itunes
Wilco  Was I In Your Dreams?  buy on itunes
David Gray  This Year's Love   buy on itunes
Elvis Costello  She  buy on itunes
The Notwist  Consequence   buy on itunes
Flickerstick  Beautiful   buy on itunes
The White Stripes  You're Pretty Good Looking (For A Girl)   buy on itunes
Joey Ramone  What A Wonderful World   buy on itunes
Rancid  She's Automatic   buy on itunes
Reel Big Fish  Alternative, Baby  buy on itunes
Save Ferris  The World Is New  buy on itunes


I know, I know, there are some pretty obvious ones on there. I just wanted a good up and down mix of songs to let the new girl know how I feel. What do you think?
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Date: 9/2/2005
Slo Poke and P.t.'s Revenge...nice.
Date: 9/2/2005
That's right, gotta represent L-town.
Date: 9/2/2005
Not to be picky, but "What a wonderful world" was by Joey Ramone (it features on his solo album) rather than the actual full Ramones band.

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