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What's on Bin Laden's iPod?

Artist Song Buy
The Three O' Clock  With a Cantaloupe Girlfriend  buy on itunes
N.E.R.D.  She Wants to Move   buy on itunes
Abdul El Fadallah  Fouad Burban El Amaria   buy on itunes
Nilsson  Many Rivers to Cross  buy on itunes
The Pretty Things  Death of a Socialite  buy on itunes
Heat Zappin'  Creaking Cave Mattress  buy on itunes
3 Hur-El  Kol Basti  buy on itunes
Okko  Ganges Delta   buy on itunes
Marvin Gaye  Lonely Lover  buy on itunes
R. Singh Bikhul  Been   buy on itunes
The Kinks  Victoria   buy on itunes
Michael Karoli & Polly Eltes  Sentimental  buy on itunes
Ibrahim Junti  El Badoni  buy on itunes
Ride  From Time to Time   buy on itunes
Bill Nelson's Red Noise  Revolt Into Style  buy on itunes
The Temptation  Making Crime  buy on itunes
Billy Butterfield & his Orchestra, featuring Margaret Whiting  Moonlight in Vermont  buy on itunes
The Factory  Red Chalk Hill  buy on itunes
Haffouz Burhan  Mahur Gazel   buy on itunes
KAK  Rain  buy on itunes
The United States Of America  Love Song For The Dead Che  buy on itunes
The Streets  Weak Become Heroes   buy on itunes
Gordon Lightfoot  Rich Man's Spritual  buy on itunes


The third in a series featuring the iPod playlists of prominent figures throughout history.
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Date: 9/5/2005
What? No Rock the Casbah?
Date: 9/5/2005
Hehe. Where can I get a t-shirt like that? Ebay?
Date: 9/6/2005
I guess he overplayed Hawkwind's Urban Guerilla (I make bombs in my cellar) so has deleted it from his playlist?
Date: 9/6/2005
Guess I'm just not ready to find humor in Bin Laden references.
Rob Conroy
Date: 9/7/2005
Ha. If this is the case, Bin Laden has good taste in music... even if that makes him no less offensive.
war is the H word
Date: 9/7/2005
haha i love it. best mix title ever.

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