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CD | Theme - Depression
CD | Theme - Road Trip
CD | Theme - Road Trip
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The Shit

Artist Song Buy
NWA  Fuck Tha Police  buy on itunes
Catherine Zeta-Jones  All That Jazz  buy on itunes
Iron Maiden  Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter   buy on itunes
Outkast  The Way You Move   buy on itunes
Nada Surf  Popular   buy on itunes
When In Rome  The Promise   buy on itunes
Charlie Daniels Band  The Devil Went Down To Georgia   buy on itunes
The Proclaimers  500 Miles  buy on itunes
Erasure  A Little Respect   buy on itunes
Reel Big Fish  Beer   buy on itunes
Lonnie Donegan  Rock Island Line   buy on itunes
Stray Cats  Rock This Town   buy on itunes
2ge+her  Say It Don't Spray It  buy on itunes
Pennywise  Fuck Authority   buy on itunes
Johnny Cash  Folsom Prison Blues   buy on itunes
MC5  Kick Out The Jams   buy on itunes
Frank Zappa  Why Does It Hurt When I Pee  buy on itunes
Everly Brothers  Til I Kissed You  buy on itunes
Stereogram  Walkie Talkie Man  buy on itunes
White Stripes  Hotel Yorba  buy on itunes
The Misfits  Where Eagles Dare   buy on itunes
Trey Parker/Matt Stone  America Fuck Yeah  buy on itunes
The 5678's  Woohoo  buy on itunes
Herman's Hermits  Henry The 8th  buy on itunes


The funnest mix I've ever made.


Mike Eternity
Date: 9/12/2005
This is the kind of mix I wish I'd make more often. Nothing but pure, mad, smiley bliss. Some of the happiest songs: "Hotel Yorba", "Henry the 8th", "A Little Respect", "500 Miles", "The Promise", "Rock This Town", "Walkie Talkie Man", "Folsom Prison Blues", and "Woo-Hoo", many of which don't get nearly enough praise because they're considered cheesy or whatever. Regardless, if it wasn't for Pennywise and NWA (I don't really care for either of those songs), I'd be convinced you and I were the same person. So, in a way, thanks for continuing my mission to bring fun music like this to popularity. I haven't been too successful at it so far, so good luck. Great, great stuff
Date: 9/12/2005
hmmm....the pennywise and the nwa are a bit angry for the mix, i think, but they make me laugh. thank you very much for the feedback, and i appreciate your appreciation. :)
Date: 9/13/2005
yeah , fuck da' p0lice!
Date: 9/13/2005
Awesome goofy ass fuck yeah mix. Nice work.

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