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The Best Of Taco (Not Really)

Artist Song Buy
The Spinto Band  Did I Tell You?  buy on itunes
The Black Keys  10 AM Automatic  buy on itunes
The dB's  Tear Jerkin'  buy on itunes
Eels  Hey Man (Now You're Really Living)   buy on itunes
Ambulance LTD  Anecdote   buy on itunes
Of Montreal  The Party's Crashing Us   buy on itunes
Primal Scream  Movin' On Up   buy on itunes
Neil Young  Cinnamon Girl   buy on itunes
The Bees  Chicken Payback   buy on itunes
Ted Leo And The Pharmacists  Tell Balgeary, Balgury Is Dead  buy on itunes
The Spinto Band  Oh Mandy   buy on itunes
Ween  The Mollusk   buy on itunes
Built To Spill  Car   buy on itunes
Grandaddy  Crystal Lake  buy on itunes
Secret Machines  Nowhere Again   buy on itunes
New Pornographers  The Bleeding Hearts Show  buy on itunes
Television  Venus   buy on itunes
They Might Be Giants  She's An Angel   buy on itunes
Flaming Lips  A Spoonful Weighs A Ton  buy on itunes
Sufjan Stevens  The Man Of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts   buy on itunes
Eels  Blinking Lights  buy on itunes


A message board I am on had a mix exchange, and this is my contribution. As a rule I try not to use the same artist twice on a cd, let alone in two instances, but I recieved mine first and they'd used Gorillaz and Spoon twice, so I didn't think they'd mind, and these are cuts from two of my favorite albums of the year and all. A while ago I decided it would be the most hillarious thing ever to entitle a mix cd as though it were a Best Of for an artist it had nothing to do with, so this kind of comes in the tradition of a mix I made before I discovered AOTM, entitled John Tesh's Greatest Hits.
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Date: 9/16/2005
Tasty mix. Car, I love that song. Classic.
Mike Eternity
Date: 9/17/2005
That's a sweet underrated TMBG song you got there. Overall I love your taste in bands, and when it comes to Eels, that mix rule should always be shirked
Mike Eternity
Date: 9/17/2005
Oh, and Taco is cool. Not sure if they deserve a Best Of, but they weren't just a one-hit wonder, either.

*sulks in lonely good will towards Taco*
Date: 9/17/2005
So, there really aren't any songs on here by Taco?!
Um, oh, I get it. Actually Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle's version of "Puttin'On The Ritz" was more super duper than anything Taco put out. At least Taco made the cover. I'd make a run for the border while this CD played, if that means anything.
Date: 9/17/2005
Yep. I'd give this CD two tequilas up and a double twist of lime! :-)
Date: 9/19/2005
I share your obsession with all things taco.... be it music groups, ironic mixes, or mexican sandwiches. Extra salsa please.

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