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Mini Mix #2: Organ Grindin'

Artist Song Buy
Soulive  Steppin'   buy on itunes
Medeski, Martin & Wood  Pappy Check   buy on itunes
Jimmy Smith  Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (James Brown cover)  buy on itunes
Crash w. Dr. Lonnie Smith  Lonnie's Blues  buy on itunes
"Baby Face" Willette  Face To Face  buy on itunes
Roach Freddie  Wine, Wine, Wine  buy on itunes
All ...  ... in one.   buy on itunes


Another experiment in mixing. For those patient enough to download the file, the above mix is full of chunky chords and lively beats. Again, as I'm just trying the blend-it-all-together format (with crossfades and the like), I'd love to know what folks think. Thanks to Nick for 5 + 6, and Kent, again, for Roxio.


sport !
Date: 9/22/2005
You're quite welcome, Edward! I can't seem to figure out the rapid share thing however...
Date: 9/22/2005
Click on the link. Where it's says "select download" click "free". On the next page, you'll have to wait about 30 seconds. Then a new page will come up, and a link saying "download" will appear. Click on it. Hope it works.
Date: 9/26/2005
Nice, indeed.
Date: 9/27/2005
Edward, this is my favorite of the 4 mini mixes you posted so far. Great music, great transitions. As others have already said, keep it coming, and thanks for trying something new.

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