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You're Too Good For Me, Kid

Artist Song Buy
Panda Bear  We Built A Robot  buy on itunes
Autechre  IV VV IV VV VIII   buy on itunes
Refused  The Apollo Space Programme Was a Hoax  buy on itunes
Sneaker Pimps  Loretta Young Silks   buy on itunes
Rilo Kiley  We'll Never Sleep (God Knows We'll Try)   buy on itunes
Continental  The Macker's Last Stand  buy on itunes
Orenda Fink  Do You Realize?   buy on itunes
The Good Life  Aftercrash   buy on itunes
Her Space Holiday  The Young Machines   buy on itunes
Simon Joyner  The Rain Asked For A Holiday   buy on itunes
Neva Dinova  Did You Disappoint Your God?   buy on itunes
The Cranberries  When You're Gone   buy on itunes


This mix was thrown together far too quickly, I didn't even get to listen to it straight through before I burnt it for the person it was intended for. All in all, though, I think it turned out pretty good for the rushed composure. It is supposed to portray a sort of confused-crush, "haven't we been through this before except not at all?" sort of idea.


Date: 9/23/2005
Date: 9/23/2005
that was strange, i just started listening to loretta young silks as i clicked on your mix. good choices.

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