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Around the World in 80 Minutes

Artist Song Buy
Cocco  Wagamama na Te  buy on itunes
Cherry Filter  Forget  buy on itunes
Evonne Hsu  Da Feng Chui  buy on itunes
Silly Fools  Bah Bau   buy on itunes
Mitul & Mukul  Saajaniya  buy on itunes
Cornershop  We're In Yr Corner   buy on itunes
Tarkan  Simarik   buy on itunes
Tiktak  TSnS Y÷nS Taivaaseen   buy on itunes
Black Milk  Sedmkrat  buy on itunes
Ich+Ich  Geht's Dir Schon Besser  buy on itunes
Negrita  Rotolando Verso Sud   buy on itunes
La Grande Sophie  Du Courage  buy on itunes
Rachid Taha  Rock el Casbah   buy on itunes
Hi! Satelite  Neska  buy on itunes
The Sugarcubes  Regina   buy on itunes
Sara Tavares  Mi Ma B(   buy on itunes
Mary Jane Lamond  Bog A' Lochain  buy on itunes
Juanes  La Camisa Negra   buy on itunes
Walela  Cherokee Morning Song   buy on itunes
Black Rose  Raude   buy on itunes


It's a musical trip around the world.Every song's in a different language, and I tried to make it geographically correct, starting in Japan and moving west, ending up in Fiji. Mitul and Mukul and Cornershop don't actually live in India, but Hindi and Punjab are mainly spoken there(as opposed to New Jersey and London, where the musicians live) so I put them in the India space in the mix- if that makes any sense. Here are the languages the songs are in, and the country the songs are from if isn't the language's country of origin: 1- Japanese, 2- Korean, 3- Mandarin (Taiwan,) 4- Thai, 5- Hindi, 6- Punjab, 7- Turkish, 8- Finnish, 9- Czech, 10- German, 11- Italian, 12- French, 13- Arabic (Algeria,) 14- Basque, 15- Icelandic, 16- Portuguese (Cape Verde,) 17- Gaelic (Canada) 18- Spanish (Colombia,) 19- Cherokee, 20- Fijian
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Date: 9/25/2005
Date: 9/25/2005
Fijian? Damn, Vijay Singh would be proud of you for this mix. Nice concept, I only know three artists, so I can't give my opinion on the tracks.
Date: 9/25/2005
you forgot ebonics!...

nice work.

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