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Mini Mix #5: And My Favourite Guitarist Is ...

Artist Song Buy
Bill Frisell (Nashville, 1996)  Keep Your Eyes Open  buy on itunes
Marc Johnson + Bill Frisell + Pat Metheny (Sound of Summer Running, 1998)  Porch Swing  buy on itunes
Bill Frisell (Gone, Just Like A Train, 1998)  Godson Song  buy on itunes
Bill Frisell (The Intercontinentals, 2003)  Remember  buy on itunes
Bill Frisell & Friends (The Sweetest Punch: Songs Of Elvis Costello And Burt Bacharach, 1999)  The Long Division  buy on itunes
Bill Frisell (Bill Frisell Quartet, 1996)  Coffaro's Theme  buy on itunes
Kenny Wheeler + Bill Frisell + Lee Konitz + Dave Holland (Angel Song, 1997)  Unti  buy on itunes
Bill  Frisell   buy on itunes


A Bill Frisell concert is often a non-stop affair, songs melding with one another by way of electronic, pedal-heavy bridges. This blended mix attempts to replicate the often musical seamlessness of a live Frisell show. Let me know if you think it succeeds.


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