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CD | Mixed Genre

Halloween: The Crawling Chaos

Artist Song Buy
Leslie Stevens  The Outer Limits (Theme)  buy on itunes
Pasquale & The Lunar Tiks  Moon Madness  buy on itunes
Joe Wallace  Leopard Man  buy on itunes
Bing Crosby w/Vic Schoen's Orch & The Rhythmaires  The Headless Horseman  buy on itunes
The Phantom Five  Graveyard  buy on itunes
(Radio Spot)  4-D Man  buy on itunes
John Harrison  Creepshow  buy on itunes
Dan Russo & His Oriole Orch.  'Taint No Sin  buy on itunes
Jack Hylton & His Orch.  Bogey Wail  buy on itunes
Man Or Astro-man?  King of the Monsters   buy on itunes
(Trailer)  The Astro-Zombies  buy on itunes
Misfits  Astro-Zombies  buy on itunes
Horrorpops  Psychobitches Outta Hell   buy on itunes
Jimmy Dee  The Monster Hop   buy on itunes
Charles Gounod  Alfred Hitchcock Presents  buy on itunes
John Sowell  Night Mares  buy on itunes
Jack Marshall  The Munsters (theme)  buy on itunes
The Munsters  Knock Upon Our Door  buy on itunes
Harry Belafonte  Zombie Jamboree  buy on itunes
Squirrel Nut Zippers  Hell   buy on itunes
The Lollipop Shoppe  You Must Be A Witch  buy on itunes
(Trailer)  Giant Gila Monster  buy on itunes
Joe Johnson  The Gila Monster  buy on itunes
Bad Brains  Fearless Vampire Killers   buy on itunes
Donovan  Season Of The Witch   buy on itunes
Ivan  Frankie Frankenstein  buy on itunes
(Trailer)  Revenge of the Creature  buy on itunes
John Buzon trio  Mr Ghost Goes to Town (Instr.)  buy on itunes
Screamin' Jay Hawkins  I Put a Spell On You   buy on itunes


I couldn't move, and, mercifully, I couldn't feel any pain--but I could see. I could see them burrowing into my skin, crawling over one another in their ceaseless hunger. And so I watched. I watched the maggots reduce my right hand--my painting hand--to clean bone. I watched them race each other down the length of my inner thigh, I watched a group of them emerge from my solar plexus--God knows what path they had taken to get there. And I wondered why, oh why, wouldn't they go for my eyes??


Date: 11/1/2005
Nice to see you back....and, I do believe I will be asking for this one in a trade?
Nest of Vipers
Date: 11/1/2005
This looks really cool!
Mo Twang!
Date: 11/4/2005
Very cool!

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