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MP3 Playlist | Theme - Sleep
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CD | Theme - Sleep

Album tracks, vol. 1

Artist Song Buy
RADIOHEAD  Electioneering (OK Computer)  buy on itunes
AT THE DRIVE-IN  Sleepwalk Capsules (Relationship Of Command)  buy on itunes
BEASTIE BOYS  Flute Loop (Ill Communication)  buy on itunes
THE CURE  The Perfect Girl (Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me)  buy on itunes
INTERPOL  Not Even Jail (Antics)  buy on itunes
NEIL YOUNG  Vampire Blues (On The Beach)  buy on itunes
THE DANDY WARHOLS  Sleep (Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia)  buy on itunes
KATE BUSH  Watching You Without Me (Hounds Of Love)  buy on itunes
DIED PRETTY  Rue The Day (Every Brilliant Eye)  buy on itunes
FOO FIGHTERS  Overdrive (One By One)  buy on itunes
HARVEY DANGER  (Down At The) Terminal Annex (Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone?)  buy on itunes
R.E.M.  Hairshirt (Green)  buy on itunes
FRANZ FERDINAND  Cheating On You (Franz Ferdinand)  buy on itunes
HOODOO GURUS  Out That Door (Blow Your Cool)  buy on itunes
DALLAS CRANE  Iodine (Dallas Crane)  buy on itunes
ICE-T  Midnight (O.G. Original Gangster)  buy on itunes
YES  South Side Of The Sky (Fragile)  buy on itunes
NIRVANA  Something In The Way (Nevermind)  buy on itunes
MERCURY REV  Peaceful Night (See You On The Other Side)  buy on itunes


First in a possible series of mix CDs that pick choice cuts from well-loved albums - as far as I know, none of these songs were ever released as singles or got much radio airplay.


Date: 11/12/2005
"We want singles! We want singles!" Fine, fine - have it your way. Lots of great picks here ... nice ones from the Beastie Boys, Neil Young, Kate Bush and REM.
Nick Falivena
Date: 11/13/2005
Wow, Ice-T -> Yes -> Nirvana. That is awesome.
fletcher kane bowman
Date: 11/13/2005
Funny thing is, those three tracks pretty much flowed together beautifully!

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