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Cassette | Theme - Narrative
Cassette | Theme - Narrative


Side A
Artist Song Buy
Les Baxter & His Orchestra  Moon Moods (1946)  buy on itunes
Billy May & His Orchestra  This Room Is My Castle of Quiet (1949)  buy on itunes
Les Baxter  Roller Coaster (1951)  buy on itunes
The Voices of Walter Schumann  Holiday for Strings (1951)  buy on itunes
Yma Sumac  Babalu (1952)  buy on itunes
Yma Sumac  Wimoweh (1952)  buy on itunes
Les Baxter  Atlantis (1953)  buy on itunes
Bas Sheva  Lust (1953)  buy on itunes
Les Baxter  Simba (1955)  buy on itunes
The Bobby Hammack Combo  Power House (1956)  buy on itunes
Les Baxter & His Orchestra  Saturday Night On Saturn (1957)  buy on itunes
Les Baxter  Shooting Star (1957)  buy on itunes
Les Baxter  Jungalero (1958)  buy on itunes
Martin Denny  Swamp Fire (1958)  buy on itunes
Les Baxter & His Orchestra  Sabre Dance (1959)  buy on itunes
Alvino Rey & His Orchestra  Blues In the Night (1959)  buy on itunes
Muzzy Marcellino & His House Party Group  Heap Big Chief (1959)  buy on itunes
Les Baxter  Pyramid of the Sun (1959)  buy on itunes
April Stevens  Teach Me Tiger (1959)  buy on itunes
Tak Shindo  Bali Ha'i (1959)  buy on itunes
Martin Denny  Jungle Madness (1959)  buy on itunes
Side B
Tak Shindo  Stumbling (1960)  buy on itunes
Dickie Harrell  Drivin' Around the Block (1960)  buy on itunes
Richard Marino & His Orchestra  Lover (1960)  buy on itunes
Martin Denny  Misirlou (1960)  buy on itunes
Martin Denny  The Girlfriend of the Whirling Dervish (1960)  buy on itunes
Terry Snyder  Binga Banga Bongo (1960)  buy on itunes
Earl Palmer  Percolator (1962)  buy on itunes
The Out-Islanders  Moon Mist (1961)  buy on itunes
80 Drums Around the World  Caravan (1961)  buy on itunes
Les Baxter  Calcutta (1961)  buy on itunes
Nelson Riddle  Lolita Ya Ya (1962)  buy on itunes
Dean Elliott & His Big Band  Lonesome Road (1962)  buy on itunes
Dean Elliott & His Big Band  You're the Top (1962)  buy on itunes
Jack Malmsten  Satan Takes a Holiday (1963)  buy on itunes
The Ernie Freeman Combo  Mountain Greenery (1963)  buy on itunes
Dave Pell  This Could Be the Start of Something (1963)  buy on itunes
Si Zentner  Charade (1964)  buy on itunes
Al Caiola  Underwater Chase (1965)  buy on itunes
The New Classic Singers  Call Me (1966)  buy on itunes
David Rose & His Orchestra  Gay Spirits (1967)  buy on itunes
David Rose  Like Young (1967)  buy on itunes
Martin Denny  Hypnotique (1967)  buy on itunes


110 minutes long. Let me set the god damn record straight, and to anyone not in the know let me explain. Fire Maidens of Outer Space is a bad British movie from the 50s. Some have called this movie the worst of all time, I wouldn't argue. At times painfull, this movie has always fascinated me, because it is just so, bizzare, and badly done. But what bothers me about this film that I want to set straight is its title and release date. Most people call this film Fire Maidens from Outer Space and give it a release date of either 1954, 55, 56, or 58 (I haven't seen a 57 or a 59, yet). This movie was released in Britian in 1955 with the title (and on-screen title of) Fire Maidens of Outer Space. The films American release was in 9/6/1956 and was retitled Fire Miadens from Outer Space. There, got all that, I just had to get that off my chest. The gist of the plot is, a bunch of "astro-nots" land on Jupiter's 13th moon, where they find new Atlantis, a ton of flora, and some very hot fauna in the forms of the buxom Fire Maidens, and the "Black God". Some really skinny guy in a full body black leotard with a black mask on that resembles the face of the martians in the old Outer Limits episode "Nightmare". I can say I have watched this movie more than anyone on Earth (at least 15 or so times) and I just had to celebrate it's badness. I am tired of this film just getting panned, it is not just boring tripe, it is hypnotizingly bad tripe, often amusing and with one of the most unforgettable dance scenes in 1950s cinema history. The Fire Maidens doing their interpretive dance to Borodin's Stranger in Paradise. A staggering scene. "Quiet, I hear the strains of Borodin. There must be fire maidens close by!"
...An actual quote from this movie, I couldn't make something this good up. So you can see I just had to make a mix album dedicated to this movie. I wanted to use music roughly from around the same time period (40s-60s) and it just so happened I wanted to make an exotica/lounge mix album for a while too. So I gathered up a bunch of exotica/lounge tracks that suited this film and weaved them together into what I think tells the story of the film, with some tracks deviating slightly because I just had to put them in. All in all my proud contribution to the greatness/badness of Fire Maidens OF, OF, Outer Space. This exotica/lounge mix is dominated heavily by Les Baxter, because Les IS exotica/lounge music. Along with a handful of Martin Denny tracks, that man could put together some great sounds. Dean Elliott's genius Lonesome Road and You're the Top from Zounds! What Sounds! cement the middle of the second side. April Stevens has the only vocal here with Teach Me Tiger, but other tracks like Lolita Ya Ya offer vocal sounds and rhythms, not mentioning what Yma Sumac adds with Babalu and Wimoweh. And the album opener with Les and Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman at the theremin on Moon Moods is unstoppable. Any exotica/lounge fan should seek out most of the tracks I have used here, truly great exotica/lounge material, and an overlooked genre with lots of amazing artists. In closing I give to you this link

lots of great pictures here of the Fire Maidens, enjoy!
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Date: 11/28/2005
Holy F'n Crap!!!!

God, I want this! Fantastic Mix!!!
French Connection
Date: 11/28/2005
Outa this world!
Date: 11/28/2005
I want a fire maiden!
Date: 11/28/2005
This mix deserves an exhibition unto itself.
lo-fi jr.
Date: 11/28/2005
There's now a void in my life that only seeing this flick can fill.
Date: 11/28/2005
you deserve an award - not entirely sure what type of award, but you deserve one nonetheless. And you are going to make me late for work since I just have to find out whether Les Baxter really is lounge . . . .
Planet of the Tapes
Date: 11/29/2005
lo-fi jr, I hear you man. To anyone that wants to see this movie, since there has never been a Wade Williams DVD release of this, the only way to get it on DVD is to buy it from small distributers. I suggest going on ebay and buying a Region 1 DVD, or if you can't play Region 1 get a Region 0. Some of these DVDs range up to $15 US, but there are usually a handful on for about $6-7 US. I need to pick one up. I have my copy taped of CityTv, a Toronto station. They played it years back when they still showed interesting things late at night. That has all been repleaced now with the soft-core porn they feature, yeah, way to keep the cultural standards up CityTv. Thank god for tapes.

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