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Little Night Owl To The Rescue: Yonder There's A Wolf (And A Whippoorwill)

Artist Song Buy
David Thomas Broughton  Unmarked Grave   buy on itunes
Great Lake Swimmers  When It Flows   buy on itunes
Boduf Songs  This One Is Cursed   buy on itunes
Castanets  Bells Aloud   buy on itunes
Spires That In The Sunset Rise  Little For A Lot   buy on itunes
AndrT Herman Dnne  Home In The Water  buy on itunes
Diane Cluck  A Phoenix & Doves   buy on itunes
Diamond Caverns  Funny Hat  buy on itunes
Songs Of Green Pheasant  Until...   buy on itunes
The Big Huge  Autumnal Hymn  buy on itunes
Vashti Bunyan  Hidden   buy on itunes
Alasdair Roberts  Admiral Cole   buy on itunes
Death Vessel  Mandan Dink  buy on itunes
Akron/Family  Running, Returning   buy on itunes
Mi And L'Au  Boxer  buy on itunes
Larkin Grimm  Pigeon Food   buy on itunes
The Angels Of Light  The Kid Is Already Breaking   buy on itunes
Gravenhurst  Nicole   buy on itunes
King Creosote  King Bubbles In Sand   buy on itunes
Jana Hunter  Restless   buy on itunes
Blindfold  Sleepless Nights  buy on itunes


Part 1 of a 4xCD Boxset: Made for a couple of online friends, containing my favourite songs of 2005. The catch is, everybody who sends out mixes gets mixes back from those he sent them to. It's called Wish N Mix, well, at least over at No record info this time as many songs (or at least records) already appeared on other mixes this year...and I get lazy.


Date: 1/1/2006
I would love this Markus.
Date: 1/1/2006
Excellent choices! I'm keeping this one bookmarked. Happy New Year!
do your war dance
Date: 1/2/2006
tons of good stuff here!

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