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finger point the fat away: indie exercise vol. I

Artist Song Buy
rainer maria  breakfast of champions  buy on itunes
the lucksmiths  off with his cardigan  buy on itunes
modern lovers  roadrunner  buy on itunes
sloan  it's in your eyes  buy on itunes
the rapture  olio  buy on itunes
ladytron  playgirl  buy on itunes
secret shine  loveblind  buy on itunes
international airport  icerink  buy on itunes
the aisler's set  the red door  buy on itunes
dntel  (this is) the dream of evan and chan  buy on itunes
brian eno  needle in the camel's eye  buy on itunes
modest mouse  paper thin walls  buy on itunes
daisyhaze  brickface  buy on itunes


i am a dork and i go to the gym and ride the exercise bike while listening to cds. i haven't found one band that is perfect to work out to, so i made a compilation that is perfect for peddling. the title of the comp. is something lalalaini and i were joking about; that there should be an indie workout video called 'finger point the fat away'.


Date: 9/7/2002
you know laini? she's awesome! i'm also a dork and go to the gym, but i don't like getting my DJ headphones all sweaty :)
Date: 7/8/2003
just put roadrunner on repeat. best workout EVER. ps: that title is friggin gold.
Date: 2/2/2008
okay sweet, i've been looking for an indie workout mix for forever. okay for like three days. i want to make one, but i feel that i do not yet have the strength. hehe.

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