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CD | Mixed Genre
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What Do You Mean, "Boyfriend?"

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Ian McCulloch  The Prettiest Star  buy on itunes
The Police  Next to You  buy on itunes
Led Zeppelin  The Rain Song  buy on itunes
Santana  Oye Como Va  buy on itunes
The Black Crowes  Soul Singing  buy on itunes
The Jimi Hendrix Experience  May This Be Love  buy on itunes
Beck  Get Real Paid  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Got to Get You Into My Life  buy on itunes
Side B
Bill Withers  Who is He (and What is He to You)?  buy on itunes
Radiohead  High and Dry  buy on itunes
The Rolling Stones  Dear Doctor  buy on itunes
David Bowie  Always Crashing in the Same Car  buy on itunes
The Velvet Underground  Femme Fatale (live)  buy on itunes
Blur  This is a Low  buy on itunes
Oasis  I Hope, I Think, I Know  buy on itunes
The Grass Roots  Midnight Confessions  buy on itunes


Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Boy and girl get along. Boy asks girl out. Girls says yes. A week goes by. Girl casually mentions her boyfriend. Boy is confused. Boy had intended to start working on a mix CD for girl. However, he stops and changes the format of the latter half of songs.
Boy scratches his head and goes to listen to his collection of records.


Date: 5/16/2003
Nice Mix, I like the transition from one side to the other. Sorry about that girl, we try not to be mean. :)
Date: 5/16/2003
OUCH. wow... that's so harsh. girls like that are not worth it at all.
Date: 5/17/2003
I know a girl who does that. Does she live in NYC? Bitch.

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