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These Leyland Kirby pieces are not only my favourites under his name (he also makes music under the names V/Vm, The Caretaker, The Stranger) but also they best illustrate my personality, especially the …
Here's a mix made from stuff I found at the record stores on my road trip around Upstate New York.
Part 2 of a 4 part ambient, drone & glitch mashup; including several long-form compositions; driven by tomorrow’s (11.18.16) Microphonics release on Tonefloat. 74:28 Info & DL …
A carousel of heartbreak. Drought-plagued Cubs win the Series. The election. Super supermoon. This has been one crazy year. Am I really your best friend? Then why have you been incredibly cruel, time a …
A few quintessential staples from Riot Grrrl's heyday, plus affiliated acts and what not. I have a larger version from cassette that includes influences like The Slits, X Ray Spex, Runaways, Raincoats, …
This is a mix CD I'm giving to a friend. I'm really proud of how it flows. You can find all the songs on Spotify.
A brand new mix project/series fronted by OfftheSky & APK (d.b.a. Fictions and Poetics). The series delves into some slightly caustic/glitchy sound (without being a full-on ‘glitch‘ mix) along with a w …
The rest of the Frankenstein mix. #13: Actually not embarrassed by Lesley Gore. #19. Joking. I don't have an Elvis favorite. There's not someone else. I've just thought about this over and over. You tw …
For cruising the backroads of New England on a crisp autumn afternoon.
by itunes
Dès son premier disque en 1995, La valse des monstres, qui regroupait des compositions pour le théâtre, on savait que le jeune musicien serait promis à une brillante carrière. Seulement, il fallait att …
First part of the Frankenstein mix. #7: The Cleaners are not my absolute favorite, but they're up there. Mercury Girl, I think of as Mercury Guy, after hearing go and stay so many times this year. Hope …

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