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Fast Driving Music Mix (#15)

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Dr. Teeth & The Elec  Can You Picture That  buy on itunes
Who? Where? Why?  Jesus Jones  buy on itunes
Who Do You Love?  George Thorogood  buy on itunes
Would I Lie To You?  Eurythmics  buy on itunes
Question Air?  Shockra  buy on itunes
Where'd You Go?  Mighty Mighty Bossto  buy on itunes
Mirror In The Bathro  The (English) Beat  buy on itunes
Sweet Emotion (album  Aerosmith  buy on itunes
Start Me Up  Rolling Stones  buy on itunes
Birthday  The Beatles Running  buy on itunes
Power Station Animal  Pearl Jam  buy on itunes
Side B
Middle Of The Road  Pretenders  buy on itunes
Helen Wheels  Paul McCartney & Win  buy on itunes
Life Is A Highway  Tom Cochrane  buy on itunes
Sweet Home Alabama  Lynyrd Skynyrd  buy on itunes
La Grange  ZZ Top  buy on itunes
Panama  Van Halen  buy on itunes
Desire (Hollywood Re  U2  buy on itunes
Been Caught Stealing  Jane's Addiction  buy on itunes
Jumpin' Jack Flash  Rolling Stones  buy on itunes
Tom Petty  Get It On (Bang A Go  buy on itunes


This mix was composed back in June '94. The Dr. Teeth song is on the Muppet Movie soundtrack, it's the song they sing while customizing Fozzie's uncle's Studebaker. Shockra is a defunct Boston funk/world music band I was into in college. Question Air? is a fast ska tune. The rest of the songs speak for themselves. Let's try to drop the baggage associated with some of these bands and try to enjoy the music.


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