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This was originally conceived as a successor to my 2005 Indian-Western fusion mix LOSE MY MIND & DANCE FOREVER (mixid = 98102), but I realized pretty soon that the musician I there called "the crown pr …
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Your acquaintance with New Model Army is incomplete if you've never seen (or heard) the band live: "Young Gifted and Skint" fizzes out of the ether like it could combust at any moment, and the lyrical  …
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On se demande si chez Dominique A il y a vraiment des chansons de moindre envergure que l'on pourrait qualifier de méconnues. Chaque morceau possède sa propre résonnance et semble raconter une histoire …
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Pioneer of intelligent rap, acid jazz-meister, poet, satirist, soul man . . . Gil Scott-Heron remains a heavyweight presence in pop culture, despite the fact that he has delivered only two studio album …
Comfort songs for hoping I'll be okay whatever happens. The first song is not about me. I don't even know what "all in" means. Like you're dating and exclusive or getting super-serious, super-fast? I d …
Doe—El Venado, a female El Venado. Ray—a drop of golden sun. Me.
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Formed 1982 in Charlottetown, PEI, Haywire built up a groundswell of staunch grassroots support in the Maritimes, and won the Labatt's 1985 Battle of the Bands, before impressing mightily with debut fu …
Repeat mix. And possibly my last mix for you, if you throw me aside again. It was supposed to be a little romantic, which you missed. How many times do I have to say I'm not with anyone and it's all yo …

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