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Soundtrack for the 2019 Science Fiction Movie Marathon. Movie order: INNERSPACE! DR. CYCLOPS! 1975's ROLLERBALL. WOMAN IN THE MOON w/live Jeff Rapsis musical score! STAR TREK VI in 70mm! ANNIHILATION!  …
by DjKev
The playlist from my 80's radio show.
The gay boys are awfully El Cotorro behind the safety of their smartphones, but it's basically crickets whenever my milkshake brings them all to the yard.
I'm not sure whether I should've posted this. Probably not. I'm down about things, and I've gotten so many conflicting messages, my insides are a jumble. I put a lot of effort into this, trying to find …
by Amara
things we do to amuse ourselves in isolation and weather-related chaos. pining away all winter long.
I conceived of this mix of British prog in 2014 at the prompting of a friend (who’d received several other mixes from me, and who was interested in prog when I described the style to him), didn’t finis …
Was it released between 1970 and 1979? It might also be here.
Was it released between 1970 and 1979? It might be on this tape.
Some songs had to be abandoned: I/m Not Here (Missing Face) by The Twilight Sad because the mix wouldn't fit on a CD and their album's coming out next year, so it can probably go on next year's; Severe …
Created in the fall of 2018.
mid 2018 burn.
November 2018 burn. My boygenius/2018 mix

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