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Cassette | Pop
The real title of this mix is "When the Sun Breaks Through the Clouds: the '60s Jangle That Time Forgot (Or Never Really Cared About to Begin With)". Let's face it. These songs are about love, lost lov …
Cassette | Pop
I had some tracks laying around and I wanted to make a mix that sounds good in the car, played loud. This won't score any points for creativity, and I'm sure some of these tunes might not be "unadulter …
CD | Pop
...Good evening, or should I say good morning! Hal Willows here, just a bit after 3 AM here at 960 AM. We just finished off a commercial free, hour-long music set, and it looks like we h …
CD | Theme
This is another record store challenge mix. I play a game with my roommate and the other guys I live with that goes like this: you reach into your pocket, pull out a coin, look at the date, and say, "N …
CD | Mixed Genre
You would be surprised at how well some of these transitions work, though they look strange at first sight. Just trying to represent the classic rock thing here for the most part...I guess compared to  …
CD | Theme
Here's a challenge for everyone. This is probably now a cliche thing because of High Fidelity and so forth, but I sought out to put together my all-time top 20 side 1, track 1's. I did it in countdown  …
CD | Mixed Genre
Got the cliches in here, no doubt. All of my mixes do. I made this over a year ago right before I took my last final, and listened to it to start Summer '06 right. Best tracks are definitely the Byrds, …
CD | Mixed Genre
I generally make mixes before I leave for breaks from school or before I go back. Made this one going back after "Fall Pause." I hope no one will say the quality of this is completely nullified by the  …
CD | Pop
A mix that should probably have been more cohesive, but sounds pretty good. Made this over a year ago, April '06, and edited it a bit in July '06. I apologize for the Neil Young cut...a very nice song, …
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