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This is really basic when it comes to Vietnam protest songs and stuff like that, I guess. It's not all about Vietnam tho...concerns other social issues of the time as well. Ramblin' Rose isn't exactly  …
CD | Mixed Genre
Another one of these Anti-ClearChannel mixes. I realized that I can't take listening to the radio in my car anymore, so my glove compartment is full of mixes I've made over the past couple of years. Gr …
CD | Mixed Genre
Where was I going with this? Yeah, I don't know either. I felt like making a "classic hits" type mix, without the hits, you know. You just don't hear any of this stuff on the radio anymore...commercial …
CD | Mixed Genre
From my favorite albums in 2003. Mostly Power Pop or in the Pop/Rock genre. I picked 19 full length LP's and 1 EP (JamisonParker). Album Name appears in the brackets next to the song title. Lots of goo …
CD | Mixed Genre
The assignment: My dad says his boss is going back to Rochester for the Holidays, this is his Christmas Present to her while she's making the road trip. He told me to find good classic songs that would …
CD | Mixed Genre
I took a look at Rolling Stone's Greatest 500 Albums of all time about a week ago, and flawed as it may be, it has many of the essential albums in the top 20. So, I picked my favorite track off 18 of t …
CD | Mixed Genre
Newest 80's mix...just put it together a few days ago. Mostly classics, some I dug up on my parent's old mixtapes (Icehouse, Honeymoon Suite). Maybe I shoulda left the Culture Club off, guess it was st …
CD | Pop
So, I tried out a Power Pop mix. I really liked some stuff I heard by Big Star, Fountains of Wayne, and Cheap Trick, so I started finding out about a bunch of other bands. I looked at some stuff on AOT …
CD | Theme
Can you guess the theme?! No kidding, all songs about eyes, with the word eyes (or eyed) in the title. Some overplayed ones on here, yes--In Your Eyes, Brown Eyed Girl, Doctor My Eyes. Most good eyes s …
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