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CD | Theme - Depression
Not really a depression CD, exactly, though it has been raining for the past week in Vancouver and I did this instead of making any effort to go out on a Friday night, so what does that say, really?
CD | Pop
I sort of used U2's Rattle and Hum album as a slight guide to making this mix. The songs flow in a similar way.
CD | Mixed Genre
A CD for my girlfriend. I didn't intend for this to have any theme to it, though Honky Tonk Woman, and possible some lyrics in the other songs may get me in trouble. But I never meant to cause her trou …
CD | Mixed Genre
I haven't been able to make CD's for awhile, living in Thailand and all...without a burner. So, this is the first CD I'm making while I'm home to visit.
CD | Mixed Genre
That's right... I have a headache on my face! No sinus problems that the chiropractor can see, but the tissue under my face is very sensitive, so I have to get treatment. I didn't even know that was po …
CD | Mixed Genre
My friend got me a deal on binkram yoga, but it's hella hard... and yet I'm doing it again tonight. Not sure if I'm looking forward to the inevitable torture... Anyways, this mix is a thank you for get …
CD | Mixed Genre
For my good friend who I'm about to see after two and a half years. He's got a daughter now, which is a total trip.
CD | Mixed Genre
Made this CD for my friend and coworker. We just made it passed our first week of ESL teaching, and I figured this would eleviate the stress of lesson planning.
CD | Mixed Genre
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