Abernathy's Last Three Mixes Posted

CD | Mixed Genre
I don't really know what ties these songs together, except that I like them all. This mix is unbelieveably cheerful -- I can't help bouncing around while listening to it. The cool thing is, though, tha …
CD | Mixed Genre
This is a mix for my brother. It was hard to give it that kick that he likes in music, so I used a lot of Donnie Darko songs -- kind of the mood I was going for anyway. I of course included Clocks beca …
CD | Mixed Genre
Okay, I know there's several mainstream songs on here, as well as the ones that I ALWAYS seem to use on mixes (toad, gary jules..) but the reason for that is this mix is for my best friend, and she wan …

Abernathy's Last Three Favorite Mixes

CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Theme - Sleep
This is just too wonderful. :D
CD | Mixed Genre
woohoo, is this ever wonderful!

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