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CD | Single Artist
Wow, it's been a while since I've done this mixing thing. That damn Dylan disc I've been working on has seriously slowed down my efficiency. Teaching hasn't helped either. John Darnielle is just what i …
CD | Mixed Genre
Well, it's been about a month, so I figured I was due for another mix. We've got some old favorites here, mixed in with new stuff, mixed in with weird stuff (namely the gentle, acoustic cover of Lifter …
CD | Hip Hop/Rap
I admit that I am not the world's foremost expert on hip-hop. That said, this is a sampling of some of the things from that genre that I really enjoy. Sure, Del is involved in 3 of the 17 tracks, but h …
CD | Mixed Genre
I've been trying to craft one of those great "whoo, here comes summer" mixes for about two months, but it's very hard to do when there is snow on the ground. Over the last few days, though, we've final …
CD | Theme
OK, I tried to do this once before, but got overly excited and ended up having a lot of filler. I've done it right this time. There are still a lot of great bands missing, but hey, I could only pick 25 …
CD | Single Artist
There's not much to say, really. If I were going to create my own religion, I'd definitely make Johnny Cash one of the major prophets. As for the mix, it's obviously impossible to get every great Cash  …
CD | Mixed Genre
And she said "Yeah, that's why I could never understand any of those silly letters you sent me." Gracias a Srs. Lally y lo-fi jr. para las canciones tres y diecisiete, respectivamente. I have no idea i …
CD | Single Artist
4 reasons you should listen to Lifter Puller: 1)They're original, or at least as original a band as you'll come across these days. They mix indie rock with the frenetic wordplay of hip-hop(ew, I sound  …
CD | Single Artist
This is something I have considered for a while, and with Westerberg releasing two CDs back-to-back, this seemed like a good time to do it. What we have here is a collection of the solo work that has c …
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