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CD | Theme - Depression
here's another random waking up mix i made cause sometimes i just can't get out of bed (more often than not). i know the ataris didn't do teenage riot so if anyone knows who did kindly enlighten me. TA …
CD | Mixed Genre
this is a mix i made for one night when me and my friends had a huge networked halo party and everyone had a bunch of rap bulls***. so i decided to bring a bunch of music to create a kinda frantic feel …
CD | Theme - Depression
don't ask about my eclectic musical taste, all i know is this blend seems to reanimate me on those mornings when moving is a burden and just a pain and chore and...just listen

AdonaisusVassus's Last Three Favorite Mixes

CD | Theme - Break Up
all i can say is kudos
CD | Theme - Break Up
i hear you loud and clear on all three of your mixes in this series. very well done.
CD | Theme - Break Up
very nice. pretty much sums it all up for me personally

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