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CD | Theme - Depression
No real flow. Too much Mesh. Why Johnny Rzeznik, Duran Duran, and Son Volt? You drink a fifth of Southern Comfort and see if you can do better.
CD | Single Artist
CD | Single Artist
I've just begun to rediscover A-ha, a truly underrated pop band(at least here in the States). Currently, these are what I consider to be their best, but the more I listen to, the more likely favorites  …
CD | Electronic
My sister told me she felt like compiling a cd that's dark, sad, and dancey. I told her not to worry; I'd do it for her. And here it is. I shortened "Beehatch," Theme de Luna," and cut off all the extr …
CD | Mixed Genre
This is a mix I made for my sister a month after I'd moved far, far away. It's so good, though, I still haven't mailed it to her. The title is derived from the fact that I squeezed every bit of silence …