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CD | Electronic - Ambient
For a whole month solid the radio station that my co-workers choose to listen to has played that Paolo Nutini song New Shoes at least 6 times a day! What started out as an inoffensive little ditty has  …
CD | Experimental
I got to thinking recently that my AotM output only reflects a relatively small percentage of my listening habits so I decided to post this in an attempt to redress the balance. Inspired in no small pa …
CD | Single Artist
A few years back there was a show on Irish TV called No Disco, essentially an underground music video show that I religiously recorded to VHS. I was introduced to stuff like Vic Chesnutt, Lambchop et a …
CD | Mixed Genre
Old favourites and new, meet up in the Irish sunshine to spend a lazy bank holiday in the garden. I enjoyed myself, I hope someone else does...
Cassette | Pop
My 101'st mix on the good ship AotM and there was a time there when I thought there would never be another. This is for all the good guys... Anywhoooo Labels? We don't need labels. Music is music! Havi …
Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock
On my merry way around some of my old haunts on St. Patricks day this year, I bumped into an old school friend of mine that I havent seen in over a decade and had a few beers while deconstructing the o …
CD | Theme
William Butler Yeats 1865-1939 Well now... I decided to make this mix almost two years ago and it was meant to be finished for last years St Patricks day but I got sidetracked and found source material …
CD | Theme
A companion piece to Birdsong posted last week. This week it's the guy's turn to get mellow and again all tracks are taken from 2007 releases. I think it came out well though I had to make some painful …
CD | Theme
It's been almost 5 months since I posted an acoustic themed mix and well basically thats too long I'd say, but then again I would wouldn't I? This one follows the template I used throughout 2006, i.e a …
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