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This one was inspired by the Fountains of Wayne and Emmy the Great Songs and is for emotions. How certain things can send you to extremes - violence in the case of the dragonette and flo' and the mash  …
CD | Mixed Genre
Part 2 ... My taste in music is a bit disjointed and I like to listen to a bit of most genres (including rap and punk but not classical or popular R&B) and so the 2 parts to this mix were always going  …
CD | Mixed Genre
A frie nd asked me last month what music I was into. I'm used to people responding to my answer to that question with blank stares so I mumbled a couple of bands and mentioned he probably wouldn't have …
CD | Mixed Genre
A lonely feeling of defeat coupled with the need to go on regardless of being boxed in. Everybody knows, it sucks to grow up.
CD | Theme
Seven songs would have been way too short. Two songs for each of the The Cardinal Sins jumbled into an order that works for progression.I thought of putting one together for The Seven Holy Virtues but  …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
After a false start earlier in the year, I think the Summer has finally arrived! So to celebrate, here are a collection of songs that shout out to be played with the windows down low as you scream reck …
CD | Theme - Sleep
One for those Sunday mornings ... The only day of the week (except work days) when it seems physically impossible to get out of bed. Reach over, jam the play button and zone out cause there is nothing  …
MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
Part 1 of 4 for a 5 hour drive south. This is a tribute to those songs. The ones you can't help but sing, whistle, tap, stomp, dance along to. The main reason for picking up your medium of choice and p …
CD | Mixed Genre
I've never been a person to have an order. I pick my tracks, mix them up a bit and press record, click burn or select save.
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