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CD | Theme - Break Up
A few notes: - The Khaki Snack song is my friend's band. The chorus goes, and I quote: "Christmas Eve / I Gotta Present For You / I'm gonna dump you on the I-C-Q". It's a true story. He was dumped on C …
CD | Theme
I actually think this mix works for the most part - tracks 1-11, outside of the Billy Talent track are really smooth. 1. A song from the last record you bought 2. A blues, a song that is labelled "(som …
CD | Theme
I mean it. Put this together. You will be happy. I promise you. It's so wonderful. It's got this free vibe to it, that just makes you want to sit back on your porch, have a beer or two, and smile.

CaptainLad's Last Three Favorite Mixes

CD | Theme - Narrative
Narrative. Kick ass. Poem in song titles.

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