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CD | Mixed Genre
I have recently (re?)discovered my love of dancing, and I needed something to listen to while I got ready to go out. And to come home and dance to because usually the music at the bars I go to SUCKS. W …
CD | Mixed Genre
This is disc #2 for Bronwen. There is great irony in my being "too poor for new music," because the day after we traded I definitely found the cash for the latest Interpol. Heh. Title from Old 97's. Th …
CD | Mixed Genre
My friend Bronwen and I are too poor to buy new CDs, yet we are both desperately in need of new music. So we're doing a trade, which is now possible as I have working CDs again. This is disc one of thr …
CD | Theme - Depression
My best friend Kimmy has been a sad panda lately, which is just no good for anyone. This is the disc she is to listen to whilst crying and journaling. Disc two, for Happy Kimmy, comes later.(This is al …
CD | Mixed Genre
Why, hello, AOTM. It's been a while, no? This is for Jules, my favorite Glaswegian who's not in Franz Ferdinand. Title from the Nelly Furtado song (and thanks for that one, Charles). Also thanks to Abs …
CD | Theme - Sleep
I was in a boys-with-guitars mood when I made this (although there are some girls with guitars, too). That's not entirely what this mix consists of, but there's lots of that. It's for Kerry, who seems  …
CD | Mixed Genre
This is for Meg, who doesn't like poppy country. That worked out well, as I don't either. I made this the other day when I was in one of those melancholy moods I'm so known for being in. So this has lo …
CD | Pop
I've used a lot of these songs on other mixes recently. But that's okay. They're good ones. This is for Alexz. Thanks to Abs, Zach, Jill, Dana, and Frank for some of these songs. Title from "True Faith …
CD | Pop
For Robyn, who I don't really know, but who does like Elliott Smith. Songs that she may or may not know and/or like, but I myself enjoy them and hope she might too. Some of this came from Alexz, Frank, …
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