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CD | Pop
My good friend Emily turned 21 a month ago, but I hadn't seen her until tonight, so I burned this up for her quick. They're all songs I thought Emily would like, whether she already knew them or not. W …
CD | Pop
Disc two for the lovely Miss Dice, with even more Franz-y goodness. This one rocks a little harder than the last one. My shout-outs: Drusilla for Liz Phair, NightTimeLaundry for T. Rex, CBlaze for Loca …
CD | Pop
The first disc for my girl Abs. The only stipulation was that I use Franz Ferdinand. So I did, and I will on the next one, too. This here Franz track came from Alexz, so thanks, Alexz. Also, thanks to  …
Cassette | Pop
For a trade with Soiledteenagegirlfriend. I meant it to be a good summery driving tape, and it is, but I think it'll be best played driving at night. Thanks to NightTimeLaundry for the XTC, Alexz for t …
CD | Mixed Genre
Another summery mix, this time for sayitsart. Hopefully she'll like it. It's pretty dance-able. Thanks to Russ for Ben Kweller, Courtney for the Foo Fighters, Charles for Blur, and Jill for Lamb. The t …
CD | Mixed Genre
A summer mix, what a novel idea! Thanks to Charles for the VU, Russ for the Clash, Jill for the Antonio Machin, and Zach for Pavement. Title from Nu.
CD | Theme - Sleep
Disc 2 for Willow. The pensive one. Thanks to Drusilla for Tori, Perlmunkee for BTS, CBlaze for Haven, Brave Little Toaster for Bloomsday, and NightTimeLaundry for TV on the Radio. Title from the BTS s …
CD | Mixed Genre
Disc 1 of 2 for my friend Willow. This one's got more upbeat stuff. Thanks to CBlaze for Beulah, Drusilla for Cadallaca and Bratmobile, and Alexz for the Pretenders. Title's from "Changes."
CD | Pop
This is a birthday present for my friend Diya. All I know about her musical taste is that she likes Coldplay and the White Stripes, so hopefully I wasn't too far off in guessing what else she might lik …
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