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CD | Theme - Narrative
just a cd i made for an exboyfriend who is also an amazing friend. we have a really odd, really deep connection that won't ever let us let the other go. the title is because most of the cds that i make …
CD | Theme
made this this morning. because i was really angry. at men in general. i'm really in an "i don't need 'em" mood, you know? cause really. right now i don't. and the title is oh so true.
CD | Theme - Depression
conventional pop music usually makes me sick. especially britney. but that song captured how i was feeling this past weekend. not entirely well. kind of down about a lot of things. relationships i am i …
CD | Theme
i made this cd for my little sister who is eighth grade this year. she's turning into quite the music whore just like me, which makes me really proud. anyway, i thought i would make her a cd of the mus …
CD | Theme
a cd i made for my exboyfriend for christmas. as per christmas tradition he is coming over for christmas breakfast and we're going to chill cause we are still great friends. this is just a cd to make h …
Cassette | Theme
just a mixed tape that i made for my boyfriend for christmas cause i want him to know that i love him.
CD | Theme - Break Up
Man, I wish I could get over this. But this time him leaving wasn't so hard. These songs are more upbeat, and somewhat happier. They are so I can remember him and smile, not remember and be sad. "Do no …
CD | Theme
Hrm. Just a collection of somewhat dance-y tunes that are fun to move to, or at least I think so. Not a mix I would listen to every day, but it's good if you need a lift.