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When you do things right, people won't know you've done anything at all.

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Cassette | Mixed Genre
The hardest part about mixing for me is not finding the time to put a mix together, or a lack of mixable sides and tracks, but rather creating a unique combination of sounds, melodies, and cadences tha …
Cassette | Jazz
The problem with making a jazz mix tape is that it's almost antithetical; jazz is all about improvisation and spontaneous composition, while mix tapes are often rigid and orderly. Also factor in that t …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
This mix appeared, in a slightly expurgated form, as "Normal Is A Dryer Setting," a gift for my friend who moved to Sacramento last week. This mix also broke my mix block in a most remarkable way. Sinc …
Cassette | Experimental
I read an article recently by Geoff Dyer on FEED( about the apparent death of jazz. While the story eventually meandered into the author's obvious fascination with Keith Jarrett, it brought …
CD | Mixed Genre
Since I don't have the impetus or financial backing to actually acquire the technology needed to rip and burn CDs at home, I'm taking advantage of valuable company time and resources by making them at  …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
There's no long boring story behind this mix, which is one of the reasons I gave it such a pedestrian title. Instead, let's talk about how neurotic I get about every single last aspect of creating a mi …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
With the amount of backlogged tapes I have in my collection, I could potentially post a mix a week on this site and never have to make a new one again. But if I did that, were would I put that new Mado …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Here's another one from the archives while I put together my latest masterpiece. I made this one at the tail end of my fascination with the so-called "lounge music" movement, which explains why it's so …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Sort of a precursor to such gems as "The Concrete Standard" and "Musique Concrete", where I tried to compile interesting-sounding themes into a single soundtrack for the future. For the most part, it w …
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