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MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
I don't know about this whole MP3 situation. If I listen to the pundits, I should be happy knowing that music is reaching a wider audience and that entire libraries are now readily available. Without N …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
28 songs. 28 different styles. Now that's "mixed genre". =>'
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Hmm. Not quite sure what to make of this one yet. Some repeats, some zingers, but it comes together nicely. I get paranoid over repeating artists or using songs that, while still "underground", may hav …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
"The True Detox of Evil" was a mix I sent to Julie in Tennessee a long time ago. I'm just stealing the title back. I still have this one and "Factory Settings" in to listen to to see if they work as wh …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
One of the more fun and infinitely anal things to do when mixing is come up with a title for the mix. Some of us use volume numbers, some of us use obscure quotes from movies and TV. My problem is that …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
What do you do for a week while housesitting for your friend? Steal their records...=>' No, don't wipe your eyes, that is both Britney Spears and Oasis on this thing. And no, "Lara's Theme" is not the  …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
a mix for my brother in Michigan, who I haven't seen in like ten years and only just recently got back in touch with him thru e-mail. He works at a B&B/vineyard in the sticks, and could only bring half …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
I got new gear, so I can finally finish this mix of power pop I started a while ago.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Pee-yew. More audio sludge from the vault. This one looks to be at least five years old, and judging from the content, I was probably still working at the record store. This is another "exiled" tape, a …
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