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Another birthday mix for my rockin' son, who turns six this year. (See the previous "Songs for a New Generation" mix for last year's edition). This year's model focuses on classic riffage; the Kim Wild …
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My first Christmas mix CD. I'll be sending it to a friend I recently renewed contact with after not hearing from her for 23 years. I wish there was room for more... "Happy Xmas (War is Over)," Enya's " …
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Several weeks ago there was a spate of "Frankenstein mixes" on AOTM. Finally I had time to put my own together. Here are the rules, and the songs above are in order of appearance here: 1. A song from t …

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by Muzag
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What a great mix CD! Muzag is right, the Vangelis track fits in surprisingly well! (I too remember that track from the '70s and wasn't too taken with it then--but here it makes perfect sense.) Excellen …

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