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Would like to find fellow mixmaking to trade mixes with and exchange thoughts and views on music and mixing!

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Cassette | Mixed Genre
another mixtape from the archives.This one was recorded in December 1994.Many Songs im sure were inspired by DJing with Frank at the Schools Winter Dance.lots of weird Al is the evidence!
Cassette | Mixed Genre
music I got out of the Library in 2001.Pardon the lame ending of side 2.Michael Bolton?I must have been drinking when I made this!Blame it on the Alcohol!
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Creation Date 11/23/02 It took me just one day to make this? The title suggests I was very Pleased with the way it turned out.
Cassette | Pop
If you dig the will enjoy this.Check out more of my stuff
Cassette | Jazz
Another Gem I found among my cassettes.It may have been inspired by a similar mix I made my dad.He loved swing and big bands.I took a liking to it too after rap started domination of the airwaves in th …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Yes another cool mixtape.Check out more at
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Creation date 7/7/96-7/15/96 Lots of Soul,Rock and songs to dance to.Also novelty Songs and a dash of reggae!
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Another old mixtape this ones from 2003.I weaved in and out of Genres going from oldies to current tunes. If someone wrote a review on this it might read failure to maintain a single musical genre!lol! …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
another gem from the archives.