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Malfunxion Rekkerds- My Noisy Label http://www.geocities.com/mfxrkrds
The Black Sea- PostFrodus Band, Which Rules A Lot! http://www.theblacksea.cc
Constellation Records- THE post-rock label. http://www.cstrecords.com
Crank Automotive- More noise?! http://www.crankautomotive.com

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Cassette | Mixed Genre
a pseudo psequel to "ive got a hammer/where's my hammer?"????? who knows who cares. snippets inserted in between "cuz round things are...are boring" then BEAT HAPPENING. ANATA WA SHILTAI TOE EATA ANATA …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
this is...i would say the mix tape i'm most proud of that i've ever done...in between of almost every song there are snippets of zappa from "lumpy gravy" or even by good ol' don van vliet from "trout m …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
the very last song is by me, utter noise (ala merzbow) with lyrics she can (but won't) sing along with. i made this tape with two angles in mind: 1. introduce her to killer music 2. tell her i love her …

DTP's Last Three Favorite Mixes

CD | Mixed Genre
this mix is amazing. husker, richard hell, and countless other awesome stuff. goodness galore.

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