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CD | Theme
Not covers, but pairs of songs that are completely different except for the fact that they share identical titles. While compliling this mix, I was horrified to see other similarly themed mixes appear  …
CD | Theme
Not the most innovative theme mix to appear on AOTM. Obviously the connecting theme is an animal's name must appear in the song title. (Sticklers will point out that the title of the Jam song does not  …
CD | Single Artist
Maybe I'm out of my gourd, but I find myself really getting into VH1's Bands Reunited. Although I wouldn't call myself a fan of any of the bands featured thusfar, I find it interesting when the bands g …
CD | Single Artist
Apparently every household in England contains some Beautiful South product. Have you ever bought every release a band puts out and can't explain why ? (At import prices no less!) Painting It Red didn' …
CD | Theme
Browsing through AOTM, I know that there are tons more "famous people" songs out there. However, I wanted to just include songs in my personal CD collection. Song must include both first and last names …
Cassette | Single Artist
Not a cassette. A two disc set. A career spanning retrospective. Forty-two of my favorite tracks from pop genius Paddy McAloon & co.
CD | Blues - Classic Blues
My debut on AOTM. I was reading some reference book ages ago that referred to The Stylistics as "Wimp Soul". Thus the title. If The Stylistics are the prototypical wimp soul group, track 1 would have t …