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CD | Hip Hop/Rap
This mix was made in response to a comment on this site that all Hip-Hop was "ooh shake your ass, bitch ass ho's on tha dance flo' ". Now I'm not gonna sit here and claim that there isn't any like that …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
Mix made for trade with Candra. The songs were selected with a friend over labor day - it took me this long to fill it out and mix it. The title is just a phrase thats been rattling around in my head.
CD | Theme - Romantic
Made this mix for Kara, it's probably too late, and she'll have ended it by the time you read this. Anyway, there were a lot of issues to get past before really getting involved with her, by the time I …
CD | Mixed Genre
Decided to drop a mixed CD on my friend Brad to let him know the crap I'd been listening to for the last few months. Two distinct parts of this mix, experimental hip-hop(I guess), then the "other stuff …
CD | Single Artist
I didn't have the 'White Trash Heroes' album so I had to take the Dead Red Eyes track from the live album. I personally, think the live verision of Chumming the Oceans is better than the album version  …
CD | Mixed Genre
I made this Cd as a birthday gift to my friend Ceci, who is vastly uneducated about all the great music out there. After perusing her collection of Abba and Sanatana and Matchbox 20 I decided to make h …
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