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CD | Pop
I haven't been here in FOREVER! I don't know if you can call this a triumphant return, but I like this one. I made it for a frie nd who's going to Iraq soon. Hopefully it lifts his spirits a bit, espec …
CD | Mixed Genre
I maintain that there is not only a water drought in the Valley of the Sun but also a musical drought. I haven't heard or bought anything new in the longest time. Everything around here is pop-punkcent …
CD | Theme - Narrative
I don't know if narrative is an appropriate classification for this, but it kind of morphed into one. This mix started out as me feeling sorry for myself because I continue to allow this guy to hurt my …
CD | Mixed Genre
I made this mix for my friend Erika on 4/27/03- one day before she packed up and moved back to Phoenix. I was going to follow her a little over a month later, but I was going to miss her terribly so I  …
CD | Theme - Depression
I just moved 2000 miles away from home to the ninth circle of hell. I live on the damn sun! I have a crappy job that I hate. I have no money, no furniture, the A/C in my car is broken, and I have a lit …
CD | Theme
So, I got the idea for this mix from the first song. It basically revolves around songs I consider to have a kind of music box quality to them- sort of whimsical or lilting. Most of them achieve this w …
CD | Pop
This wasn't something made to be chock full of obscure bands meant to enlighten anyone. It's just supposed to be loud. It a little something for me to listen to on my way to work this afternoon. I used …
CD | Theme - Break Up
Not a break up in the traditional sense of the phrase. This is about the break up of a friendship. I've been "good" friends with this guy since I started high school- almost 10 years. I'm finding that  …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
This is the first mix I've made in a LOOOOOONG time. For Charlotte as a belated Christmas gift. Everything on here seems really old. I've been to busy to keep up on new music. Oh... for shame...
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