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CD | Theme
It's mid February and we are longing for the warmth of the sun. Thinking about the sun. Looking for the sun. Singing about the sun.
CD | Pop
This mix was inspired by living two blocks from the zoo. When we sit on our back porch or in the backyard it is not uncommon to hear the sounds of the animals coming across summer breezes. We regularly …
CD | Pop
CD | Pop
On a cool evening late last summer a group of old friends came by to hang out. We sat on the back porch smokin' blonde, sippin' Jamison and reachin' in the cooler for cold Aviator Reds. Those guys brou …
CD | Pop
My first mix of 2008 with hopefully many more to come this year. This is my fourth mix of 2007 releases as I sort through what really got my attention the past year. Two bands here are repeated from th …
CD | Blues - Classic Blues
Title from the opening line of the opening song. 2007 was a good year for classic soul music. While putting down some tracks for another mix of 2007 stuff I just had to do a separate soul mix. Some of  …
CD | Pop
A collection of neo-psychedelic and sixties-ish pop from the last year or so... for the most part. Title from the opening lyrics of the first track.
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
A collection of recent releases that have had significant playing time around my house, car, ipod, etc this year. Not particularly a best of 2007 but one of several new mixes that will find there way t …
CD | Theme - Cover Songs
Another dreaded covers mix. Classic rock songs too. This could really be dreadful but the guys down at my brother's bar love their classic rock and they like these curveball mixes that mess with their  …
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