Graham1's Favorite Mixes

by spoon
Cassette | Theme
This mix is great because it has music that I like and a unique theme. Plus the other day I got two kittens, Neo and Lucy, and I can just picture them trotting about the house to this mix.
by Bret12
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Weezer, Lou Reed, Luscious Jackson, Phish, Radiohead, Flaming Lips, and an all-too-familiar theme. I love it.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
I'm a sucker for girl music and good cover art. I love all of pandorra0's mixes.
by erika
Cassette | Theme - Break Up
Le sigh. Lately I've really been into sad songs, and the just been broken up with thing kind of makes it hit home. This is an excellent compilation, and Miss Wingwalker is famous for her amazing mixes.