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CD | Mixed Genre
I love music that is pared down...a simple beat, maybe only a single guitar or piano, with a real focus on the music and on the lyrics. This is, of course, for her. She knows how much she means to me b …
CD | Theme - Romantic
This mix doesn't represent my usual tendencies but then again it isn't really about me or for me. I made this mix for an amazing woman who I am so incredibly in love with it's scary. We're in what is p …
CD | Single Artist
Nina Simone passed away today...a sad passing of an incredible woman who had a courageous and great life. Oh....and man could she sing.
CD | Theme - Romantic
I named this mix 'Unspoken' for all of the things that I often let go unsaid. In context I made the mix for the woman I love more than anything. While I might have a hard time actually telling her what …
CD | Theme - Sleep
A collection of really mellow stuff that I put togeher for a friend. She usually listens to hip hop and dance type stuff but has always liked some of the stuff that I listen to. So, she asked me to mak …
CD | Theme - Romantic
Cliche, yes, but a valentines mix for the woman that I'm hopelessly in love with.
CD | Mixed Genre
An update of sorts from a previous mix (We've Come This Far) usual, about a girl. She's in all my thoughts and our relationship has been turbulent lately (to say the least). She's my best friend a …
CD | Mixed Genre
For a girl, for me...trying to figure out how we've made it to where we are, with no idea where we're going.
CD | Theme - Romantic
I don't know whether the girl in question will ever actually recieve's a collection of each of our favourite love songs. We have a long history and while we each know that we love each other  …
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