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CD | Mixed Genre
Dad has been pestering me for a long time to make him a mix, so here it is. I think I listen to it more than he does, though! If this was a mix for myself (which it's turned out to be), I would have in …
CD | Mixed Genre
Well, Eric's having another classy little get-together tonight, so I spent the past few hours putting the music together. Some of these songs have appeared on past mixes, but they're the ones that peop …
CD | Theme - Road Trip
We're all taking a trip down to Tennessee this weekend, so I put this together for the trip. If Dad doesn't like the music that's playing, he'll turn it off. So in order to listen to anything, it has t …
CD | Pop
Bo and I were talking about making a mix for the weekend and gave me the inspiration for this. Most of the songs were dedicated to specific people, to highlight a memory I share with them. (For instanc …
CD | Theme
It's been storming pretty hard outside today. It's not that I'm depressed, it's just that I feel like staying indoors, reading a book, and listening to the rain and thunder lull me into a quiet mood. T …
CD | Mixed Genre
This mix sure went through a metamorphosis. At one time, it had some hip-hop on it (and goodness knows I only listen to hip-hop very rarely), as well as some novelty comedy-type stuff. It started as a  …
MP3 Playlist | Pop
I put this together for a car ride with my best friend Katie. I tried to find a middle ground between my tastes and hers, so that it wouldn't be totally unlistenable to her. Again, there's a slight ove …
MP3 Playlist | Theme - Sleep
I finally figured out how to save playlists on my piece-of-crap MP3 player late one night last month, and this is what I put together to help my restless mind get to sleep. It's got a few songs that I' …
CD | Mixed Genre
This is another mix inspired by a dream, but this time it was subconscious. I didn't even recall most of it until I was halfway through listening to the Barenaked Ladies track. The dream had something  …
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