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This mix is full of upbeat fun songs for us to listen to in the car when riding with my baby. If you look down the left side of the first letters of each of the artists' names it spells out a special m …
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Our first baby is due in March so this is a CD to play at my baby shower. I was wanting to do a mix of songs that have "baby" in the title anyway, so the shower was perfect motivationb to sit down and  …
CD | Theme
I work in daycare in the Toddler room and this year we decided to make a CD for the parents for Christmas. We included some of teh favorite things that we listen to so they can have a piece of their ch …
CD | Theme
I did not want to be bombarded with lists of names, and replays of the attack and heartbreaking or inspiring stories. I cried enough last year, I did not want to again this year. We persevered and show …
CD | Theme
This is part two to my Tell Me How I'm Supposed To Feel Because I Can't Feel Shit mix of Nu Metal bands. I keep falling deeper and deeper into the genre, and more and more bands and catching my eye and …
CD | Mixed Genre
My husband is doing an overnight and asked me to make a mix to help him stay awake. He made the request of Stay Up Late by Talking Heads and the slaughter song, but I chose the rest. I tried to stick t …
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Nu Metal, Rap Metal, Industrial Metal, issed-Off-The-World-Fucking-Sucks Metal--whatever the hell you want to call it there is a time when you just need to headbang and get your frustrations out. This  …
CD | Mixed Genre
My dad gave me this list of songs that he likes for his birthday so I guess it is really his mix!
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A Valentine's Mix, need I say more?
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