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A mix for my sister, because she hasn't had one in ages. and I'm getting rusty. So basically, it's not really got a theme, no techno or folksy jam or anything. here's the listings - 1. Siobhan got me i …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
a mix for my girlfriend. it's stuff she likes, and stuff she doesn't know she likes... i hope.
CD | Theme
Just to let my sister know now what i have kind of advanced on to in my musical tastes. I haven't abandoned my emo/punky roots (although i take great pleasure in making fun of them), but this is what i …
CD | Theme
This is to be part of a two disc series for my sister, to show her how i'm still listening to what i did as a younger person (ie. lots of pop punk, industrial, etc.) but how it's matured too. i hope th …
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Electronic
My first attempt at a dance mix. The reason the tracklisting is so small is that the Twitch mix is over 30 minutes long, but features greatness by the Cure, Joy Division and Neu. There's also a link to …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
I haven't made a mix in a while. found notes for this one drunkenly scrawled in my magic big yellow writing book, and developed it.
CD | Theme
This is a mix for my sister Siobhan (on AOTM too!) who recently sent me more mixes than I can shake a stick at. So my original idea was to return the favour with a mix based around the characters from  …
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