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CD | Theme
a mix to say thank you to one of my friends for listening to all my others ones. even though i know she hates oasis...
CD | Theme - Narrative
the moment things go pear shaped, hindsight becomes majestic.
CD | Theme
CD | Theme
this is a mix about me having to make a specific choice right now in my life, and it's also for a friend who i promised i would make one for. it's kind of both educational and entertainmental (now a wo …
CD | Mixed Genre
a mix to show one of my friends in salt lake city what i'm listening to right now. the title refers to her.
CD | Theme
this is just a mix of people who are playing at reading this summer to educate one of my mates
CD | Theme
Fridays aren't usually all out parties for me, and i think this reflects this.
CD | Theme
basically, i wanted a nice jangly summer mix without resorting to horrible dance anthems or any kind of big r n b stuff. enjoy the melodic sunshine and all that.
CD | Mixed Genre
thursdays - dirty nights out. that was the vibe i was looking for. without resorting to r n b nonsense.
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